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Cone Crushers

Cone Crushers for Sale in Kenya

Cone crushers are a type of crushing machines with a cone like mainframe which is where they derive the name. They are a main type of primary crusher in mining and ore processing plants. Cone crushers can be used in production of medium to fine materials depending on the type of cone crusher being used. There are several types of cone crushers for sale in Kenya.

Types of cone crushers for sale in Kenya

Cone crushers can be categorized into the following;
Mobile cone crushers or fixed - mobile cone crushers, as the name suggests are those that can be moved easily. This is achieved through having a track type base with wheels making it easy to move the cone crusher. It is also achieved by the ability to easily dismantle the cone crusher making it easy to transport. The fixed type of cone crusher cannot be moved easily and requires a permanent base of operations.

Shorthead or standard cone crusher - a cone crusher may also be shorthead or standard depending on the size or shape of the cavity. A shorthead cone crusher is designed for crushing finer materials. This means it allows less coarse materials through the cavity. The standard cone crusher on the other hand has a bigger cavity that allows more coarse materials to pass through which means they are great for producing medium crushed materials.

Hydraulic or spring cone crushers - cone crushers may also be spring or hydraulic depending on the support of the crushing cone. The cone may be supported by hydraulics or springs. Hydraulic cone crushers are the most common crushers and highly preferred by many because they are high speed crushers and also because they can easily be adjusted in a matter of seconds.

Operation of a cone crusher

The cone crusher has a vertical shaft at the center which is movable. This shaft is rotated by the eccentric inner and outer bearings. As the shaft rotates it moves the crushing cone round and slightly up and down in an eccentric motion. The materials to be crashed are placed in between this moving mantle and the concave liners mounted on the main shaft that are fixed. As the shaft rotates the materials are crashed and passed on below and exits as finer material.

The major parts of a cone crusher include; main shaft, mantle, bowl liner, pinion and crown gear, eccentric inner and outer bearings, thrust bearing, mainframe, tramp steel release, oil system and dust seal. All these parts are essential in ensuring the cone crusher performs well. They should therefore be well taken care of and maintained.

Application of a cone crusher

A cone crusher is considered one of the main crushers in many industries. This is so because the cone crusher is designed in such a way that damage to the machine doesn't happen should any non crushable material get into it. This is because the eccentric movement lifts the cone with each movement eventually allowing the non crushable material to pass through. This reduces stoppage time during work thereby increasing efficiency. Cone crushers can be used for limestone, quarry stones, metal and nonmetal ores, metallurgy and other Industries.

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